Automatic Call Recorder Pro v1.48

Automatic Call Recorder Pro v1.48

Calls are recorded automatically, with no intervention.
Calls are recorded only within the memory space that you define.
The app automatically manages your memory space during recording.
Important calls can be saved.
Recordings can be moved from the phone to the microSD card.
Calls can also be recorded directly onto the microSD card.
No ad !
Try the free version first. If the free version is not working on your phone, the pro version will not work.
To find the free version just enter : ipwebcom in the search engine.

Manual Recording also possible with a dialog at the end of the conversation.
Lite version is limited to 2 minutes.
Recordings can be saved either directly to the phone or to the microSD card.
Recordings that have been saved to the phone, can later be moved to the microSD card.

Recordings are deleted according to the FIFO system (first in first out).

When the defined memory space is filled, the oldest recordings are deleted to make space for new ones. Only as many recordings as are needed to allow for new recordings are deleted.

Simply install the app and forget it! Then just open it when you need to listen to a recording.

When the application is not recording you will receive a notification.

Recordings can be locked so that the FIFO system won't delete them. Locked recordings must be manually deleted or unlocked to enter the FIFO system again.

Korean version, bluetooth for some car kit, list visibility improved. Manual Recording. Specific contact automatic recording. Performance. Remove voip. Bug fix headset support.Bug fix.


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